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Reece's Retreat

What is Reece's Retreat?

Reece’s Retreat is a cosy three bedroom holiday home located at Haven Lakeland Holiday Park. It is exclusively owned for the use of families who have been or are currently impacted by childhood cancer and brain tumours.

This holiday home was once just a dream to Reece, but thanks to his hard work and dedication to Team Reece he was able to make this dream a reality when the first holiday home was purchased. 

Reece's Retreat

In May 2016, Reece David Holt received a diagnosis that would change his and his family’s life forever. During his battle with childhood cancer, Reece decided to put everything he could into fighting for others suffering in this way. He had many dreams and aspirations for his charity, Team Reece. Amongst these was the dream to one day purchase a holiday home to offer respite for those who need it most.

This dream came true for Reece and a three bedroom which can sleep up to eight people was purchased. Fully furnished, plus with central heating and double glazing it doesn’t matter what the Great British Summer brings, you’re always going to be cosy and warm. Lakeland Leisure Park is situated near the picturesque Lake District in Cumbria, one of the country’s most quintessential holiday getaway locations. 

Unfortunately at this time we do not allow pets or smoking/vaping at Reece’s Retreat.

How to Apply


Get in touch with our friendly team for more information on how we can help you and your family with that well needed respite. Our application form can be found following the link below, this will need to be returned via email to


Once accepted, a representative of Team Reece will be in touch to book you in for your free holiday at Lakeland Holiday Park in the Lake District. Let us know when you are available and we will work with you to schedule you in when the holiday home is available.


The day has finally come for you and your loved ones to head to the site and relax. Try to have fun and put your mind off of things, we know that's not always possible but you don't need to worry about the day to day life outside of the holiday home once you're here.

Alternatively, you can send your application via post: 

Team Reece Children’s Brain Tumour & Cancer Charity, 7-2-2 Cameron House, White Cross Park, Lancaster, LA1 4XQ

How To Donate

We accept donations in many forms including card payment, cheque, cash donations and even text. However, we also value your time as a donation. Our incredible volunteers go above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly at our Team Reece events.