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About Team Reece

Team Reece's Achievements

This journey began with Reece and his bravery but it hasn’t ended with him. Every day, Team Reece strive to be the best helping hand they can be to those struggling with childhood cancer. 

Reece has raised over £9500 for Alder Hey Childrens Hospital and £750 for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to return some of the support, care and help they have given him so far on his journey.

He wasn’t ready to stop there though! After doing this, Reece decided it was time for Team Reece to go from a non-profit organisation to a registered Charity.

His goal was to raise enough money to buy a static caravan to be used for family holidays for others affected. His long term wish for the charity was to raise money towards research for a cure and to this day the team are working hard to achieve this and continue Reece’s legacy.

Meet the Team

We are so immensely proud of our lovely team and all they have achieved. Everything they do is for Reece and other children and their families sadly affected by this disease.  Below is our primary team, however this does not include our many kind volunteers who selflessly give their time to help us. 



Reece's Mum & Co-Founder

Head of Trustee's


Office Manager

Corporate Partnerships Manager

About Rachel

Rachel is Reece’s Mum and Co-Founder of Team Reece. Not only this but she is the driving force behind the Team Reece charity you see today.

Everything she does, she does for her son and other children fighting this battle. Her dedication to Reece’s legacy is admirable and this is shown in what has been achieved so far.

In May 2022, Rachel won Inspirational Person of the Year at the Visitor Sunshine Awards. Well done, Rachel! 

Do you want to make a difference in someone's life? Your donations go towards finding a cure for this truly heartbreaking disease.


Children's Brain Tumour and Cancer Charity

We believe that one day, we will find a cure for cancer. Our lovely team and volunteers work tirelessly to raise funds for research purposes and we have hope that we can make a difference to families everywhere. We are always looking to host more events and raise awareness, if you would like to get involved or become a sponsor, get in touch with the team today.

Equally, if you would like to know more about our upcoming fundraising events please get in touch or keep an eye out on our social media pages for dates and details. 


Every day, Team Reece are working hard to provide funds for research on a cure for childhood cancer.


Our wonderful volunteers make this all possible. Enquire today for more information on how you can help.


We continue to spread the word and tell Reece’s story, including all the ups and downs. 


We are pleased to offer family holidays to those struggling with this disease at Reece’s Retreat.

Make a difference today. We regularly host events and are always looking for volunteers!

How to Donate

We accept donations in many forms including card payment, cheque, cash donations and even text. However, we also value your time as a donation. Our incredible volunteers go above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly at our Team Reece events.

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